Children in the Middle


The court ordered and required class for divorcing parents, parents who are not married but have a child together, or those making any kind of legal custody changes. Be sure to include case number, county where the filing is being requested. 


This class is offered in a group and individual setting. 

Individual - $ 70.00 per person 

Group - $ 50.00 per person 

Schedule 2020

January 18th - 12pm to 3pm 

January 25th - 9am to 12pm 

February 8th - 12pm to 3pm

February 22nd - 9am to 12pm 

March 14th  - 12pm to 3pm

March 28th - 9am to 12pm

April 11th - 12pm to 3pm

April 25th - 9am to 12pm

May 9th  - 12pm to 3pm

May 30th - 9am to 12pm

June 13th - 12pm to 3pm

June 27th  - 9am to 12pm